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Tooley Imports only buy new parts direct from the German manufacturers and worldwide distributors. This gives us access to the most popular and well established German brands in the motor vehicle industry.


Elring are the specialist for all your gaskets, gasket sets and service parts in original equipment quality needs, they have an extensive range of professional repairs of engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and auxiliary components that are both safe and reliable, and are available in over 140 countries. Optimal functioning and performance of the engine, transmission, axles and auxiliary components require an absolutely reliable sealing technology. Perfect fit, precise adjustment and immediate availability are essential for professional repairs. Elring has the right solution for every sealing task.
Find out more about Elring products and the company at  www.elringklinger.de/

The Cylinder Head Gasket

The cylinder head gasket plays a key role in the further development of engine technology, particularly in high-performance diesel and gasoline engines with direct injection—the technologies of the future. Besides sealing off the combustion chamber, the coolant areas, and the oil passages, the cylinder head gasket is taking on increasingly important tasks in modern engines. It serves as a load transmission element between the cylinder head and crankcase, and has a significant influence on the distribution of forces within the entire tension system and the resulting elastic deformations of the components.

Growing demands to reduce consumption and emissions lead to weight-optimized engine designs and, particularly for diesel engines, to higher ignition pressures. The use of light metals and reduced casting wall thicknesses entail a further reduction in component stiffness. In order to further reduce cylinder distortions, which are detrimental to exhaust gas behavior, a reduction in bolt forces is targeted.




To ensure a reliable sealing system, sufficient surface pressure must be available for static flat gaskets in all operating conditions. In the designing process, many factors must be taken into consideration: operating media, fluctuations in temperature and operating pressure, design elements (e.g. bolts and sealing surfaces), the position of the gasket in the system and also the long-term performance of the gasket material.

Dynamic gaskets complete the Elring product range. Here you can find oil seals and valve stem seals in the most various of designs, materials and sizes for engines, transmissions and axles – needless to say, of tested quality.

Engine Gasket Sets and Seals

Everything must be just right, perfectly matched and readily available for professional repair work. Elring can offer a comprehensive range for the full and partial inspection of engines, gearboxes and assemblies.

Dynamic seals round off the product range. Elring can supply many different types of oil seals and valve stem seal in a variety of materials and sizes. For engines, gearboxes and axles – and of course to top quality standards.

Cylider Head Bolts

Expert cylinder-head repairs always involve fitting a new cylinder-head gasket and new cylinder-head bolts. Elring therefore not only supplies cylinder-head gaskets, but also approved top quality cylinder-head bolt sets to go with them. For virtually all passenger cars and commercial vehicles – packed in a special box with thread protection.

Sealing Compounds

Elring sealing compounds such as Dirko, Curil and AFD can satisfy all requirements in terms of reliability, thermal stability, media resistance and practical use. Always on the safe side for sealing applications.

Sealants Adviser

Are you unsure as to which sealing compound is the best choice for your area of application? You’ve come to the right place. Three simple steps will take you directly to the sealing compound best suited to your field of application.

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Data Sheets: All the necessary details.

These data sheets provide information on Elring sealing compounds and materials.

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