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Only the best German manufacturers

Tooley Imports only buy new parts direct from the German manufacturers and worldwide distributors. This gives us access to the most popular and well established German brands in the motor vehicle industry.

The Leading Filter Brand

Tooley Imports leading filter brand is HENSGT.  The Hengst product line covers a wide range of applications from filter inserts for oil, air, fuel and cabin air filtration systems to extensive multifunction modules for all types of engines.

Hengst offers a full line of aftermarket filters for all current engine models – from the smallest passenger car to the biggest truck, ship or stationary engine. The product is optimally tailored to meet market requirements. Hengst’s selection of filters covers all current engine models for cars, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment. Filters that were developed for the OE market are transferred intact to the aftermarket line of products.



Hengst Fuel and Cabin Filters

Hengst fuel filters are custom-designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern fuel injection processes such as common rail, unit injector and unit pump. The filter systems help to protect sensitive components from wear and minimize pressure loss. The filter media used are characterized by a very high absolute filtration grade and water separation capability. Filter casings made of die-cast aluminium or injection-moulded plastic can also optimize the component weight and simultaneously minimize flow losses thanks to their efficient design.

In cabin air quality has become an important health and safety issue for vehicle occupants. Hengst have therefore produced a high quality cabin air filter that provides the optimum air quality in modern vehicles. With one of the worlds most advanced testing facilities for indoor air filters the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

Some of Hengst air and cabin filters we import:

1K0 129 620D Air Filter

1K2 819 653A Cabin Filter

Hengst Oil Filters

Hengst oil filters are characterised by high efficiency and high dirt-holding capacity as well as low pressure loss, which helps to preserve the energy reserves of the oil pump. As a result of the optimum construction of the filter housing of die-cast aluminium or injection-moulded plastic minimizes the weight of the component and the flow losses. The durability of the materials used for our filter inserts allows them to keep pace with the increasingly long service intervals and the rapid progress made in the formulation of modern motor oils.

Some of Hengst oil filters we distribute:

03L 115 562 oil filter

021 115 351 oil filter

04E 115 561B oil filter

Change Filters Regularly

To guarantee optimum engine operating reliability, all filters must be changed regularly. Regular filter changes are the only way to reduce wear to extend engine life and guarantee optimum engine performance.

For more information about Hengst and their products please visit Hengst.com