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Only the best German manufacturers

Tooley Imports only buy new parts direct from the German manufacturers and worldwide distributors. This gives us access to the most popular and well established German brands in the motor vehicle industry.

Kolbenschmidt Products

Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG is a renowned supplier to the International Automotive Industry and as a long-standing partner of the automotive manufacturers, has developed innovative components and system solutions with renowned competence in the fields of air supply and emission control, for oil, water and vacuum pumps, for pistons, engine blocks and engine bearings.

Kolbenschmidt Pierburg products comply with the high demands and quality standards of the automotive industry, with low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, reliability, quality and safety the forces that drive innovation at Kolbenschmidt Pierburg.

For more information on MSI and Kolbenschmidt products please visit their website www.ms-motor-service.com


The operational reliability and durability of a reconditioned engine is mainly dependent on the pistons fitted. However, it is essential that all engine related requirements are met during the reconditioning process, in order to obtain the maximum benefit from a high quality KS piston.

Kolbenschmidt is an OE supplier and supplies parts to all well-known engine manufacturers – all over the world. For every engine type the most suitable alloy is selected from the KS Kolbenschmidt alloy range, and the most effective piston design is employed.

Motorservice always supplies pistons complete with piston rings, piston pins and the associated piston pin circlips.

Engine Bearings

Plain bearing shells are used for both conrod bearings and main bearings. They are mostly designed as thin walled composite bearing shells. Bearings made of two materials have a steel back onto which the bearing metal, typically aluminium with tin and copper additives, is plated. In the case of bearings made of three materials, the bearing metal is copper with additives of lead and tin cast onto the steel back or applied by the sinter-rolling-sinter method. A nickel dam (diffusion seal) separates the bearing metal and the galvanic sliding layer.

Piston Rings

KS ring sets are important components in rebuilding engines. For the intermediate overhauling of engines with liners, we recommend to check whether the pistons are satisfactory for continued operation and to replace the piston rings and cylinder liners. This will ensure good running in of the piston rings with the contact surface of the cylinder liner.