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Only the best German manufacturers

Tooley Imports only buy new parts direct from the German manufacturers and worldwide distributors. This gives us access to the most popular and well established German brands in the motor vehicle industry.


The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts.

OPTIBELT products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises: in machine engineering, in the automotive branch, in the agricultural engineering sector and household appliance industry.

The Arntz OPTIBELT Group runs eight production locations in six countries. They are all committed to a single governance code: eight locations, six countries – one quality!

High-quality craftsmanship is not a matter of chance: The owner family of the Arntz OPTIBELT Group thinks in terms of generations and not in periods on a quarterly or yearly basis. Innovation yes, but no experiments at the expense of the quality rating. With this philosophy, OPTIBELT has ensured its place on the world market as a strong brand. So it stays that way, the owners and staff remain committed every single day: with heart, hand and understanding.

For more information on all Optibelts products and the company visit their website at www.optibelt.com

Ribbed Belt

The ribbed belt combines the high flexibility of flat belts with the high performance of V-belts. The V-shaped parallel ribs are made from a wear-resistant rubber compound. The high strength tension cord is designed for the many applications of the ribbed belt. It is embedded in a rubber adhesive mixture and covers the entire width of the ribbed belt. Fiber reinforced, wear resistant rubber compounds ensure quiet operation along with being oil and heat resistance ensuring long belt life.

Timing Belts

The ALPHA flex timing belt is manufactured without interruption of the tension member; this means an endless spirally wound steel tension cord is used. This optimum combination of extremely strong tension cord and polyurethane makes these timing belts suitable for universal application in areas where high performance must be transmitted synchronously in systems with large centre distances.

It is recommended that the tensioner and relay rollers are replaced at the same time as the timing belt to avoiding voiding any warranty.

V Belt

The MARATHON 1 has an excellent tension behaviour with low-stretch.

That, together with the section accuracy, means it is quiet running to a high degree when it comes to rotating alternators, water pumps or air conditioning compressors.

Due to its maintenance-free high performance capability, continuous use of the MARATHON 1 is particularly cost-effective.