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The origin of the Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle was commissioned in Germany in 1933. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche it was made to be the ‘People’s Car’; simple and affordable to sell to the masses. The German car factory was put under British control after World War II in 1946, with 10,000 cars sold that year. Within a decade another million had been sold. A clever ‘think small’ advertising campaign in 1959 made it even more popular, and it quickly became a symbol of the 19060s’ peace movement.

It also became a famous popular culture reference when Disney used it in the well known ‘Herbie’ movies. The movies anthropomorphized the 1963 Beetle with a racing stripe and ’53’ on the hood. Also referred to as the ‘bug’, it has easily become the most recognizable car ever made.

The Beetle’s Evolution

The VW Beetle has grown, innovated, and changed a lot over its many years. For example, in 1948 Wilhelm Karmann bought a VW Beetle and turned it into a convertible. This became the Beetle Cabriolet that began production in 1949. The 1950s saw the rear window evolve from a ‘split’ rear oval to a singular oval window and improvements made to various parts like the redesign of the crankshaft to increase the engine power.

The 1960s and 70s were years of expedited growth and improvements, including engine redesigns, new parts accessories, and body panels modifications (like the emphasized ‘C’ shape over the wheels). Safety features and accessories like seat belts were also introduced.

During the 19070s, however, production ceased while its successor, the VW Golf was made. It returned in 1994 as the ‘New Beetle’, a modern flashback to the original ‘Type 1’. VW continued to make modern versions of the Beetle until the end of its production recently in 2019.

The Volkswagen Beetle parts

The last 80+ years of Beetle history has seen an enormous range of different makes, models and parts come and go. Our team are Volkswagen experts and have a detailed understanding of the wide range of VW Beetle parts available, whether for newer cars or old restoration projects.

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We are the largest Australian owned and operated European auto parts distributor here in Australia, particularly for the Volkswagen. We source the best quality spare vehicle parts for most models, including the Beetle. Whether you are looking for something old or new, we have an incredibly wide network of manufacturers who can source the part you need.

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